18: Do not discriminate between coarse and refined

不見精麁     Do not discriminate between coarse and refined

寧有偏黨     And you will possess equanimity regarding for and against


Followers of the Way, when I preach the Dharma, what Dharma do I preach? I preach the Dharma of the mind. This pervades everything: it is in the worldly and the sacred, in the impure and the pure, the coarse and the fine. The most important thing is that you do not attach labels such as coarse or fine, worldly or sacred, and think that by naming things you now know them. The coarse and the fine, the worldly and the sacred, cannot be known to man simply by name. Followers of the Way, grasp this and make use of it, but do not attach labels to it, for naming obscures. (Lin-chi)

Meister Eckhart:

A man should receive God in all things and train his mind to keep God ever present in his mind, in his aims, and in his love. Note how you regard God: keep the same attitude that you have in church or in your cell and carry it with you in the crowd and in unrest and inequality. And, as I have often said, when we speak of equality, this does not mean that one should regard all works as equal, or all places or people. That would be quite wrong, for praying is a better task than spinning, and the church is a nobler place than the street. But in your acts, you should have an equal mind and equal faith and equal love for your God, and equal seriousness. Assuredly, if you were equal-minded in this way, then no man could keep you from having God ever present.

From The Talks of Instruction: 6. On Detachment and on Possessing God (Learn to acquire an inward desert)


Fetter number three: Clinging to practices and precepts

A student of the sutras once visited Guizong Zhichang while he was working the soil in the garden with a hoe. Just as the student drew near, he saw Guizong use the hoe to cut a snake in half, in violation of the Buddhist precept not to take any form of life.

“I’d heard that Guizong was a crude and ill-mannered man, but I didn’t believe it until now,” the student remarked.

“Is it you or I who’s crude or refined?” Guizong asked.

“What do you mean by ‘crude’?” the student asked.

Guizong held the hoe upright.

“And in that case, what do you mean by ‘refined’?” the student asked.

Guizong made a motion as if cutting a snake in half.

“And yet,” the student said, “if you had allowed it, it would have gone away on its own.”

“If I’d allowed it to go away on its own, how would you have seen me chop the snake in two?” https://terebess.hu/zen/mesterek/GuizongZhichang.html

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