Inscribed on the Believing Mind

The Perfect Way is not difficult
Save that it excludes picking and choosing
Once you are freed from hating and loving
That which is hidden will become clear and bright

A hairbreadth of difference
And heaven and earth are set apart
If you want it to appear before you
Do not be for or against

To set what you like against what you dislike
This is the disease of the mind

Not knowing the deep meaning of the Way
The disciple labours to quiet his thoughts

Perfect it is, like vast emptiness
With nothing wanting, nothing superfluous
When you grasp this and reject that
You cannot see its suchness

Neither pursue existence
Nor dwell in emptiness
Carry oneness serenely in your breast
And dualism will vanish by itself

Stop motion, and you stop it over and over
The harder you try, the more the motion
If you are merely in one or the other
How will you know oneness?

Not understanding oneness
You miss it in two ways
Pushing away existence, you are without existence
Pursuing emptiness, you never catch it

Too many words, too much thinking
Do not go round and round
Banish words, banish thinking
And there is no stage you cannot enter

Return to the Source and gain what you seek
Pursue enlightenment and you lose it
A flash of light
And you are beyond emptiness and things

The shifting and changing in emptiness that confronts you
Only seems real because of ignorance

Do not seek the true
Only cease to cling to views

Do not dwell in dual views
Be careful not to pursue them

The slightest trace of right and wrong
And mind is lost in confusion
The two exist because of the One
But likewise do not cling to the One

When the mind is one, nothing disturbs it
The myriad things are harmless
No harm, no things
No disturbance, no mind

The subject vanishes with the object
The object gone, the subject submerges
The object exists because of the subject
The subject exists because of the object

If you want to understand the two sides
their origin is the one emptiness
In the one emptiness both are the same
Undifferentiated emptiness contains the myriad things

Do not discriminate between coarse and refined
And you will possess equanimity regarding for and against

The Great Way is open to all
Neither easy nor difficult
But those with a limited view are irresolute
Now hurrying, now lagging behind

Grasping for it excessively
Is sure to lead you astray
Letting go of it, it will certainly happen on its own
Substance never departs; it is abiding

Be your natural self and you are in accord with the Way
Calm and easy and untroubled
When thoughts are in bondage they stray from the truth
Becoming clouded and unsound
When thoughts are unsound, the spirit is troubled
What is the use of not-self and self?

If you want to follow the One Way
Have no aversion to the six sense-objects
Having no aversion to the six sense-objects
Is equal to true awakening

The sage does nothing
While the ignorant bind themselves up

Things are not separate and distinct
Yet ignorance leads to attachment
To use the mind to bind the mind
Is this not the greatest mistake?

Ignorance begets tranquility and turmoil
With enlightenment there is no good and evil
Dividing one thing into two sides
Is an absurdity born of discrimination

Dreams, illusions, flowers in the air
Why try to grasp them?
Gain and loss, right and wrong
Banish them once and for all!

If the eye never sleeps
All dreams cease by themselves

If the mind does not discriminate
The myriad things are of one suchness
In the deep essence of one suchness
Illusions are completely forgotten

When the myriad things are seen in their oneness
You return to your true Self
Putting an end to their cause
Nothing can be compared

Stop motion and you have no motion
But motion stopped is not stillness
If the two are not united
How will you attain the One?

Investigate until you are completely empty
And no discipline remains to follow
The mind in accord is in perfect sameness
Where all effort ceases

All doubts vanish completely
The true faith is straightened out
Not a single division remains
No memories at all retained

Empty, bright, shining
No exertion by the mind
This is a place no thought can measure
Knowledge and senses can scarcely fathom

In the higher realm of True Suchness
There is no other, no self
Swiftly to merge with it
Say only: Not two

In non-duality all is the same
There is nothing that is not a part of it
Sages from the ten quarters
Enter into this truth

This truth is beyond time and space
A single thought, ten thousand years
No existence, no nonexistence
It is everywhere before you

The smallest is the same as the greatest
Dimension and boundaries entirely forgotten
The greatest is the same as the smallest
No borders seen manifest

Existence is instantly nonexistence
Nonexistence is instantly existence
If you are not experiencing this
do not hold on to yourself

The One in all
All in the One
If you only realize this
You need not worry about attaining your goal

The believing mind is undivided
Undivided is the believing mind
Words go no further
No going or coming now

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