Galactic Federation: The Star-seed Program, the Seeder Race and the Annunaki

Megan Rose, August 1, 2022


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Update from Val Nek: Val Nek discusses the star-seed program and emphasizes that there are thousands who incarnated here for a unique mission with a common goal. He reiterates that we are all equal, we are all one and “the best of the best.” He also discusses the ET disclosures depends on how fast humans awaken to who they truly are and a date is yet to be disclosed by the Federation and the Alliance.

The Annunaki are from the planet Nibiru. They are not members of the Federation, which means they are considered a regressive species and do not work for peace in the galaxy. Long ago, they made an alliance with Draco Reptilians to manipulate the genetics of the human race into a slave race. The humans and humanoids genetics, the “Seeders” came from a different galaxy.

I (Megan) would like to reiterate that we are them, they are us and this aligns with Christ consciousness.

Hey guys welcome back to my channel! And in this video I have another update from Val Nek, myself, and the Galactic Federation so of course I will just repeat what he says and I have a little bit of an idea.

So, the first thing he’s talking about is ET disclosure. And he’s saying it’s between the Federation and the Alliance, and he’s saying there’s yet to be an agreement made completely. He’s saying it depends on the people. He’s talking about this is a free-will decision—how fast they awaken to their true nature. He’s saying there is no date. He’s bringing up political leaders. He’s saying— and he’s bringing up the meetings in Antarctica between— he’s showing me people like Donald Trump and other world leaders on Planet Earth. He’s saying they are aware of our practices, they are aware of our presence. It is up to them and the Federation when they disclose.

Um, he’s talking about our master plan and he’s talking about the star-seed envoy program. He wants me to repeat that there are many, many, many, many of us. He says he says he cannot— he’s trying to think. He says, “I cannot disclose the exact number,” but he’s showing me in the thousands.

And I’ll just describe this. It’s on a different planet—yeah, he says, “Yes. In 5-D.” He’s just describing all showing me all the people and pods. It’s almost like a science lab but it’s big like an auditorium. And then there’s rows and rows and rows of pods and different scientists, but I’m mostly seeing, um, specifically one blonde-haired, blue-eyed female and she has a white outfit, very tall—about 6 feet, 3 inches, he says. He’s saying, “the best of the best.” Uh, he’s also showing me in-between the pods. Like, so there’s an ET. Right. Like the ET body in the pod, and then— It’s not glass. He’s saying, “Different material not known to Terra or not known to Earth.” But in-between—so I’m just going to call it glass, right? It’s glass, and then there’s an energy running through it. And then there’s another layer like a more solid layer he’s saying the energy of Source. And then he’s showing me so the energy of Source running through the walls of these pods. Right he’s saying, um, powering the bodies, nourishing the body. So, saying it is necessary that they are attached to Source when the light-body is not in that body, if that makes sense.

So I’ll just pause what he’s saying really quick. But what he’s trying to describe is that we star-seeds, from my perspective or from my understanding have other extraterrestrial bodies and pods the light body or the soul has left that extraterrestrial body and incarnated here. He’s saying, “Yes, that’s correct. So anyways, he’s showing me the pods and he’s showing me the energy of Source that is fueling the pods, fueling the people fueling the pods. He’s bringing my mind back to the Alliance. He’s saying that they’re aware of our presence, part of disclosure. He’s saying, “It’s everyone’s job; disclosure is everyone’s job.” He’s saying, “We are doing our best.”

He’s saying to remind them remind you guys how powerful you are. He’s saying, “Best of the best.” He’s saying, “There are many sacrifices made by our people.” And when he says our people, he’s meaning us, too, the people from different planets. “Many sacrifices were made.” He’s saying, “We are all equal.” He’s saying, “This is very important: must awaken to our true nature first; then disclosure.”

He’s showing me different people have different parts of the mission, like before they came here, and he’s showing me meetings of different races. But he’s showing me the Galactic Federation. I’m seeing like Nordic-alien-type ETs. Okay. And then he’s showing me the Orion Council, or The Council of Five, and he’s showing me different missions, different people—or different extraterrestrials—lining up and having different missions, or different parts of the mission. He’s saying, “We are all one.” He’s saying, “Everyone is important; please do not forget.”

He’s bringing up the Anunnaki. He’s saying they are not members of the Federation they are not part of the seeder race. He’s saying they come from a Planet Nibiru, and he’s showing me what they look like. Uh, tall, like almost like a tall gray alien. Right. So, they’re bald. They have a different type texture of skin, almost like a dolphin or like— but a little bit rougher. Different type of texture of skin. He’s saying they come from a different planet. He’s talking about Nibiru. And they kind of look like humanoids, like a human face, but bald. He’s saying male and female genders. He’s saying they have many, many practices of genetic research in the human race, and he’s saying that they’ve come back through the centuries. Many, many years ago they made an alliance with reptilians. He’s showing them shaking hands, but they don’t really shake hands. I’ve said that before. He’s rolling his eyes. Uh, many, many years ago. He’s showing me them experimenting on the human race.

So, I’m just gonna say this, and he can correct me if I’m wrong. So, the Anunnaki are not members of the Federation, and they made an alliance many years ago with the Draco reptilians to experiment on the human race genetically. He’s saying, “This is correct.” He’s saying, “Make them into a slave race.” He’s showing me the brains—our brains—humanoid brains. The left brain, the right brain, and he’s showing them rewiring the brain. It’s a symbolism, but rewiring the brain with genetics or using genetics. He’s saying they are master geneticists. He’s saying, “Make no mistake: they did not create the human race.” And he’s talking about ancient Lyra, and he is showing me different types of humans. So we’re human. There’s humanoid extraterrestrials in 5-D. Saying, “Yes this is correct.” He’s saying, “All come from similar genomes or the same genome not known to this galaxy.”

He’s saying, “The seeder race seeded the humanoids from a different galaxy not known to this world our world. He’s saying— he’s explaining the battle between the dark and the light.” He’s saying, “This is why we’re so powerful, why races like that are so interested in us.” He’s saying, “This is correct.” He’s saying, he’s kind of making a joke that we’re aliens to this galaxy because we don’t come from here.

Uh, is there anything else you have to say? He’s saying he’s saying that’s enough for now. He’s saying, “Do not give in to division—information is information. He’s saying that we are all one. Must awaken the hearts of the people first. And he’s showing me the star-seed envoy program and he’s saying he’s saying we are all one. We’re on the same team.

Okay, that’s all I have to say. Lots of love to you guys.


Megan Rose (2021).  Welcome to the Future:  An Alien Abduction, a Galactic War and the Birth of a New Era


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