Rising Vibrational Frequency: 3-D to 5-D

During my sessions as a hypnotist, when pure beings who have come directly from God go back to the Source, they do not want to leave. I asked them, “If you loved it so much, why did you leave?” They all said the same thing: “I heard the call. Earth is in trouble. Who wants to go and help?”

After speaking to many new souls, I have been told the purpose of the three waves is two-fold: to raise the energy on Earth to avoid catastrophe, and to enhance the frequencies of the population so they can ascend to the New Earth in the next dimension. Without having the ability as a trained hypnotist to regress my subjects into a deep trance, they would not remember their mission as a volunteer to help Earth in crisis. – Dolores Cannon (https://dolorescannon.com/waves-volunteers-earth-generations-souls/)

The Cabal mandated mRNA injections be given to everyone on Earth in order to prevent humanity’s ascension to a higher frequency. This was an act of desperation on the part of an enemy that was failing in its endeavor, which goes back thousands of years, to enslave the human race. 

People and the world they inhabit share the same vibrational frequency, which is sometimes called a dimension. People who exist at a higher frequency can see those in lower frequencies, but those in lower frequencies can’t see those in higher frequencies.  The lower the frequency, the higher the density: a high-frequency realm is low-density.   The lowest and the most dense existence is known as 3-D, and there is a stepwise upward progression until density is zero.  This is known by some as the formless realm or the causal realm.

Souls usually incarnate among beings of the same frequency or a few levels higher, although they may incarnate in a lower world to carry out a specific mission.

Earth has had a vibrational frequency of 3-D for millennia.  According to Radu Cinamar (2019), humanity has for the past few years been ascending to 4-D, and according to several sources will soon reach 5-D.  According to Elena Danaan, if humanity vibrates at a frequency of 5-D, it will be safe from attacks by 4-D extraterrestrials, because 4-D beings can’t see 5-D beings.

We know from an understanding of quantum physics that without consciousness, there is no Earth.  Therefore, when we talk about an increase in Earth’s vibrational frequency, we are really talking about an expansion of the consciousness of Earth’s inhabitants.  Consciousness manifests its own form through the mechanism of DNA; therefore, as consciousness expands, DNA changes.  It isn’t necessary to undergo rebirth to change your DNA (as Dolores Cannon reported in The Three Waves of Volunteers).

In the conversations reproduced below, Radu Cinamar was informed that If a person wishes to remain on Earth once it is at the higher 4-D or 5-D frequency, he will have to choose to expand his consciousness. There will be another 3-D Earth for the souls who reject God, as 3-D Earth already exists in their collective consciousness. – The Editor

From Forgotten Genesis, by Radu Cinamar (2019):

RADU:  How can such divergent attitudes, such as atrocious evil and sublime good, coexist side-by-side on the same plane?

CEZAR:  It’s possible in the physical plane. In recent years, however, we are in a period of transition to the etheric superior plane, 4-D, and even though such actions and attitudes may still exist here in the physical world, it is appropriate for the situation at hand because such actions and attitudes are appearing faster and firmer.

Currently, many people are capable of reprehensible, coarse and illogical actions as a result of the decrease in their personal vibrational frequency.  It is like a sort of compression of their individual consciousness, because they resist the rise of energy, the [increase] of the general vibrational frequency of our planet. . . . [Some] want subconsciously to separate themselves from high frequencies . . . to preserve the frequency of vibration that suits them and to which they are accustomed.  This results in a segregation of the population.  It is a contraction of consciousness, a separaton.  And that is why it is a decadence (i.e. a fall), because they have evolved into [spheres] of existence which are unstable and cannot be maintained at that level.

RADU:  Indeed. People are grouped by affinities.  We see good, altruistic and active organizations, but also many that are bad and even destructive.  People are distributed according to the tendencies that each of them manifests.  What amazes me is how they all manage to be together in the same space.  It is clear that the physical plane manifests from this perspective, but at the same time, it represents a great risk for evolution.

CEZAR:  But it can also be a great opportunity for it if you do the right thing and you understand your experiences correctly.  It is true, however, that with the groupings that resonate at the same type of vibration, people gather together according to affinities.  This is a universal law.

For example, consider those who have reached 4-D or close to it, because there are such people who have a fairly good understanding of the world.  They attract those who have the same aspirations around them, and they are gradually elevating themselves, practicing certain spiritual techiques that are shown to them until they themselves reach the 4-D level.  The others who have come down have reached the level of fanaticism, which is very well known as the medieval era, with its religious conceptions of the world and existence.  They consider us to be lost because we do not see the truth.  But this truth is their truth, a medieval relic embedded in the inability to understand things correctly. It is also a lack of common sense.

RADU:  It’s the kind of reaction that happens with those who cannot even listen to explanations because the difference in vibrational frequency is considerable.  Whatever you say, anything you show or prove is rejected de facto and a priori.  Yes, it’s amazing how far human stupidity can go.

CEZAR:  Not just stupidity, but ignorance, too, for they often complement each other.  For example, in the case of the [proponents of the flat-Earth theory], you notice that they do not know the basic principles of quantum physics, all of which leads to an understanding of how energy is transmitted at such a level.  . . . Their vibrational frequency does not allow them to understand the quantum realities.  Further, they imagine electrons as particles of matter, continuing to manifest skepticism about quantum fields and their objective reality.  In other words, they want to solve the quantum world through the knowledge and notions of the physical plane; but that’s like trying to put a huge French key through the eye of a needle.  Their lack of knowledge of what energy means forces them to mechanically revert to the principles of classical Newtonian mechanics, about four hundred years old.

RADU:  That could lead to some sort of . . . social segregation, just as you said.

CEZAR:  Yes, it could. Let us hope, however, that it will not be so. (pp. 55-57)

* * *

The woman said her name is Mentia and that she is one of the scientists of the Apellos civilization.  Her field of activity corresponded to the term, medicine, in our world, alothough her explanations of this notion are much more enriched and nuanced than you would typically hear in our society.  Better said, Mentia deals with the health of the people of Apellos, being a kind of minister in this respect.  They regard health as being inseparable from spirituality. (p. 78)

“We know of this serious situation on the surface world.  A number of harmful factors cause disatrous combinations.  Governments are avid for money and power.  In order to obtain them, they allow the use of very harmful products in food and treatments.  Many of the laws are (pernicious), and the knot of financial interests is immense.  We, however, firmly say that change comes from the population—not from riots, but from a change of mentality.  People must understand that they must produce a transformation in their conceptions, and then be firm in maintaining those superior ideas that in some way imply the ascension of being.”

“People must understand that health depends on certain factors that can neither be ignored nor excluded.  First of all, this is about their evolution at all levels, and that means refining and then transforming their DNA, but in a beneficial sense and on many vibrational frequencies.” (p. 79)

“And how will they figure this out?” I asked.

“There are three main factors.  First, senses will become more sensitive and more developed, and people will use their brains more and more efficiently.  Some of them will gain paranormal powers, because their DNA structure will be refined enough on certain frequencies. . . . This is combined with the second essential factor, and this is the psychological and mental balance of the being.  The third factor is the physical body.  A person will actually feel the problems that exist at the two higher levels, and how one’s will translates them into the physical plane through various diseases.  As you can see, we cannot separate one of these areas from the other two.”

In practical terms, Mentia told me that the spiritual transformation of the human being, which refers to raising the vibrational frequency of consciousness, is directly related to the health of the body and one cannot achieve one without the other.  The Apellos woman surprised me again with her telepathic perception and answered ny thoughts imediately.

“Indeed.  A perfectly healthy body has every chance of evolving, for one is then able to go through the stages necessary for his spiritual evolution.” (pp. 79-80)

* * *

“What is the difference between a person and a spiritual being?” I asked.

“A spiritual and physical being lives as opposed to just existing,” replied Mentia.  “Do you perceive the difference?  He is more or less aware of what he really embodies, while an atheist remains stuck in an individual, self-contained and seemingly self-sufficient system of thought.  In fact, they consume themselves without even realizing it.  This is because they are not connected to the true source of their existence, thought and feeling.  Such an attitude ultimately exhausts individual energy, drains the cells of vitality and inhibits the true joy of living.”

“Are there some internal chages necessary for a being to have access to a higher state of thought and existence?”

“These are happening at the DNA level,” Mentia said.  “What your civilization is living in now is a very special time period of limitation.  Such stages and evolutionary leaps have taken place throughout Mankind’s history, and they are essential pillars in the development of human civilization.  In the past, Mankind was supported to achieve those significant leaps in vibrational frequencies at the DNA level; this time, however, human beings have to demonstrate that they really want it.  This requires an increased awareness of what you truly are and are embodying on Earth. (p. 81)

It is important now for us to pray together, because it is the beginning now of a sequence, in which, if everything goes right, the result will be the saving of the planet Earth, and the understanding and awakening of the souls of Planet Earth.  As the twelve of us are together—remember that many times we have spoken to you and explained that with twelve, and today it is Nine of us and the three of you—all things are possible.

If the planet can be saved, and it will be saved, the entire Universe will be raised to a level that all souls will have gained the nature of what they have searched for from the beginning of time.  And remember that when the souls of the Universe have calmness and joy and peace within their hearts, and generate this love, it overtakes even those souls that are negative and dark and brings life and love to them.  And can you imagine that what you have come to this planet to do, when you accomplish it, the entire Universe will be glowing with a light that will be blinding, because it will be a light of pure love.  And all will become one, and that is what all have striven for. (The Only Planet of Choice, p. 20)

Cannon, Dolores (2011). The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth. Huntsville, Arkanas:Ozark Mountain Publishing.

Cinamar, Radu (2019). Forgotten Genesis. Westbury, New York: Sky Books (skybooksusa.com)

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